Hike: Gregory Canyon (1.99 mi)

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This morning we woke up to a full on spring-ish snow storm. Big dump of 5-10″ but it was melting on the streets. I would be soaked if I ran and my dirt roads are no good on these days. I could go down to the treadmill. Nah. I could take a rest day. Nah. How about a dog hike? Wyatt is getting lazy and fat. Mostly because I don’t get him out much anymore. I am getting faster and he is getting slower. So let’s go up Green together in the snow! That’s a plan. Dropped the kids at school and headed over to the trailhead.

The trailhead was closed — this happens whenever the snow gets flying in the foothills and then don’t want to plow the road into the trail. We jumped the fence and headed up the road into the snow. Found a single pair of footprints ahead of us. They were fairly fresh and spaced like they were from a runner. Had a hunch it was Tony since mere mortals were nowhere in sight today. We never saw a return pair so he must have died up high or returned via Greenman. Anyway, we headed up the canyon slowly. This trail was nearly dry yesterday and now had a ton of fresh powder on it.

Gregory Canyon

I was plenty warm but Wyatt was falling behind. Oddly, he wasn’t following in my footsteps well which caused him to often be chest deep in fresh powder. On top of that, he was puffing as we ascended. Guess he is more out of shape than I thought. I would stop and brush him off from time to time as the snow was falling so fast it was forming a coat on his back. The hike became not so fun. At one point, I stopped to brush him off and then started forward and he whimpered so slightly. What was that? So we went a couple minutes and as a test I stopped again. Brushed him off. Started up hill — whimper! Gezus. At that point, my vision of the summit came to a halt and we did a 180 and headed down. Wyatt didn’t whimper — he bounded ahead of me.

Gregory Canyon

So I chalked it up to a bad call but I had a relaxing hike in some snow. I also need to do some work on the dog so he can get out with me more often. I reminded him that if Dakota were with us, she would have drove his butt up that mountain today. I still miss her often.

Hope to hit the hills again this weekend — at my own pace!

I went 1.99 miles with an elevation gain of 781 feet in 00:54:56, which is an average pace of 27:32. Heart rate average was 92. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.