Run: Easy/Shitty 14M (14.01 mi @ 08:04)

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I felt great when I got up this morning. Looked like a great day. But by the time the run came around, I wasn’t so hot. Very dry up through my throat as I fight off this disease. On top of that, spring reared its ugly head by being windy as hell on the run. Nothing better like grinding out a high HR just to put down 9+ pace into a headwind and your hat blowing off. Sucked. I just kept it light and motored through it. Must have some fatigue from yesterday’s test too. Odd, how it wasn’t a long hard day but I feel it. Tomorrow will be a new day.

Today, I reset my HR zones in SportTracks with what Neal and I came up with yesterday based on the data. My previous values that are used in my Training Load graph were the defaults and they were off. So going forward from today, I will use these as my zone baselines for those calculations. The result is that my TSB went up by a few points and some of the peaks in ATL came down. All good.

HR Zones

After doing that, I went to the Training Load settings and linked in this new HR category as the set to use. Then pressed “Reset Category” to allow it to recalcuate the factors based on these ranges. So here are the values. All the cards on the table.


I would really like to get a graph of time spent in each zone over time but can’t see a way to do that. Anybody? TrainingPeaks does that. I am at reason #2 to get that software now. Just need one more.

Skipping Green tomorrow because the closer is coming by in the morning to finish up our refinance. That means Thursday AM for any peeps that want to run with the Mayor.

I went 14.01 miles with an elevation gain of 979 feet in 01:53:00, which is an average pace of 08:04. Heart rate average was 140. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.