Ignite Boulder 9

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At Ignite Boulder 8, they announced there would be a special Ignite to commemorate “Global Ignite Week” but the link for tickets would go out to attendees of Ignite Boulder 1. So I knew I would have to do some work to get my seat. Turns out it wasn’t too hard and I was secured for a special 150 person edition of Ignite. The event was at the Boulder Public Library in the Canyon Gallery. Not as cool as Boulder Theater. Felt much more like being in college again.

We learned that:

  • Stinky people travel on the AT and mail themselves things
  • Graphs are hilarious and can prove any point you want to make
  • Kids are reliable forms of automation
  • The Internet was invented for porn
  • The plural for beer is beer, you hoser! Eh?
  • A 100ms delay in neural activity sucks so don’t get hit by a car

It was a quick set and we were out of there. Not the same vibe as last time but I am sure Ignite #10 (coming May 6th) will be back to its usual self!