Run: Magnolia Road (14.29 mi @ 08:37)

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Can a brother get a rest day? Simon AKA Race Timing Colorado pinged me yesterday for another Boulder run minutes after I got back home from that long run. Couldn’t pass it up. We went up to Magnolia Road because both of us were virgins at that route. Wanted to see what the fuss was about. Roads were a mix of snow/ice and mud. I fell once. The snow plows just make the road so slick in places and I just lost my footing in my LunarTrainers. Got a good rock dug into my hand for some quality blood action. Otherwise, no biggie. Although my palms still feel like they have pins in them.

The route is rolling hills the whole way with mostly ascent out and descent back. Got way out there. You could see Eldora up close. It was a good workout. Different than I usually do. The route starts out about as high as the summit of Green Mountain. Then ascends from there. Good to spend more time at higher elevations. Put a little fear into me for Leadville though.

I had to stop for a deuce towards the end so I let Simon open it up and take off without me. I scaled some barbed wire and found some trees to leave my mark. Did you know that a snowball makes an excellent butt wipe? Got back on the road and I wasn’t that into it. Fatigue had set in. Wasn’t seeing it on the HR monitor. Just felt it. Took it easy until Simon came back at me. He had hit the end of the road and turned back up about a 1/4 mile from me. I picked up the pace and ran it back with him while chatting. Started burning a bit on the last few ascents. Probably should have had some fuel with me and I would have perked up. Oh well.

I keep meaning to mention that I finally see how heart rate really works. I used to think it was a primary driver, but its not. Its a response. I used to think of HR as RPM on a car. That is totally backwards. HR is more like your temperature gauge. Its reactive. It shows you the result of your efforts in terms of stress. So today, I would normally be baffled by a lower HR — but now I know its because my engine just couldn’t rev up too high today so things stayed cool.

Probably will rest up on Wednesday. JV has talked me into a full day of hills on Thursday so I am going to take off of work and enjoy the 50+ degree day with some pain and suffering!

I went 14.29 miles with an elevation gain of 1,776 feet in 02:03:11, which is an average pace of 08:37. Heart rate average was 145. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.