March 2010 Training Summary (355.89 Miles)

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355.89 miles in 31 outings in a time of 53:14:03 with an elevation gain of 33,522 feet at an average heart rate of 143. Wow? That month set a new PR for total miles in a month. Interestingly, I felt way more accomplishment when I set my previous PR last year with 310 heading into the Denver Marathon. I felt … Read More

Run: Easy 7M (7.09 mi @ 08:20)

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Good news today: EU, U.S. Justice Department Approve Cisco’s $3.4 Billion Acquisition of Tandberg. Putting #1 and #3 together will continue to help us redefine the potential of TelePresence. Does good things for me personally too! Got to sleep in today…its Spring Break. Maybe tomorrow it will seem more like Spring Break. Back to the run, nice and easy. Knees … Read More

Run: Home to Green Mountain (33.07 mi)

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I love it when a plan comes together! The long runs taper after this one so I thought I would make it special and really go for something harder and longer. I didn’t want to burn myself up by running 22M at near race pace so I decided to make it longer, slower, and further with a challenge at the … Read More

I Have PMS

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Pre Marathon Syndrome. Its bad. Every run this week has my emotions running wild. I either feel totally crappy, under prepared, not interested, wanting to quit, tired, hungry, bored, annoyed, cold, or something else that isn’t appealing. But there are brief glimpses of victory. I think its just that week 13 of the 16 week training plan blues. Almost at … Read More