Run: Green Mountain x 2 (11.21 mi)

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Set my alarm so I was up and gone by 7:30 AM. I am starting to want to be sure I have enough time to get everything I can done on a Saturday morning on the trail. JV had left me a message telling me they were going up the front side and would meet me on the back side to pick-up something I had for him. That gave me some incentive to boogie up the back at a solid pace in order to see how I could meet them. For kicks, I chugged my Red Bull shot my wife got me as a gift/gag to see how it would effect me.

The trail is in perfect condition again. Nice and packed. Just enough snow to cover up all the smaller obstacles on the trail. Felt pretty solid to the lodge but knew it wasn’t record pace. Kept on it from there. Got up through The Steeps and into the switchbacks and ran into JV and Allison in that area. They were on a time table so we were brief and moved on. Hit the 4-way, then the summit. Had it all to myself. Rare these days on a Saturday morning. I stood there for a minute and had the great idea that I could catch JV on the way down. Nothing like an objective.

I pushed the pace going down. I got into the zone with my footwork. That’s when running is so fun…you kind of come out of your body and just cruise along with the right music. I was concentrating on keep my HR up by holding a solid pace. This was going to be a quad trasher but I was in the mood for that.

I came flying through the Y and was nearly at the trailhead when I saw two guys just starting out. That first guy…the glasses…the beard….I know you. “Nick?”, I said as I passed. He stopped and turned. It was Sir Nick Clark! Odd. What are you doing down here? He gave me a story but I knew the real truth — he was doing recon for that eventual Boulder vs. FoCo showdown that we didn’t get done last fall. Sneaky. They said they just finished a lap on Green on the front side and were giving this side a go. Cool. I let them go and ran back down to the truck to get some fluids. Jeff and Allison were just pulling out as I arrived. So I sort of caught them…

JV mentioned, “Doing 2 laps?”. Ugh. Why did he have to say that? I needed to get 10 miles on the day to hit my month goal. And a real man would get it done on the hill. I could have just run into town and back but hey, I had the time. Pounded down some liquid and popped some other fuels and motored back up to the trailhead. I must be getting more competitive or something…or maybe goal oriented…because I figured I could probably meet Nick again before he got too far down. Maybe even on the summit if they were just relaxing and enjoying the view.

Kept pace. Let myself walk a few of the steep spots that I normally try to keep the run on for. Just to keep a better balance. I hit the lodge just over what I did it in for the first lap. That felt good. Nothing exciting from there on out. Ended up bumping back into Nick mid-Stairway. They were going south at the 4-way and that wasn’t in my plans. So I finished my ascent and then tried for another quad-buster on the way down. There was a guy who pushed off the summit just after me so I wanted to stay ahead of him. Another goal.

By the time, I got back to the Rock Garden my legs were burning. I had accomplished 2 laps stronger than ever before. Felt good. Was it the Red Bull?

Lodge 1 – 20:23

4-way 1 – 21:54

Summit 1 – 4:38

Down 1 – 23:09

Lodge 2 – 21:18

4-way 2 – 23:26

Summit 2 – 5:06

Down 2 – 24:47

I went 11.21 miles with an elevation gain of 5,015 feet in 02:31:42, which is an average pace of 13:32. Heart rate average was 146. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.