Big Day On The Slopes

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Natalee was ready for her 2nd day on the slopes after giving her butt a day to recover from what is snowboarding. Being that it was Saturday, I asked Sydney if she wanted to give it a go. In years past, skiing has been fun — for about an hour — with her. Lots of work to get a kid ready and up the first chair. Then a fall about drains them. Plus all the teaching, yelling, being cold, being hungry, having to pee, etc. You just don’t get the runs in like you would like to but that is part of the price you pay. Well, at 6 years old I was thinking we might be getting closer to getting over the hump. You can put your kids in ski school and hit the slopes by yourself — but that takes the fun out of it for me. Didn’t I just complain about all that stuff? Oh well.


Snowed the whole day on us but never got too cold. Eldora was as full as I had ever seen it. The first few runs weren’t that great. I had her holding on my poles as usual. That wasn’t going to be the long term plan for the day. Finally, I started skiing backwards down the hill in front of her and having her ski to me. It was good 50% of the time. The other times, I had to chase her down as she was flying downhill in the wrong direction. However, the more I let her just do her own thing, the better she did. We worked on turns and she started really getting those down and pulling herself to a stop on every other. So I give you video evidence of Sydney, ski princess!

As you might have noticed, it was good at the start and got crazier as the day went on. She started getting tired after about 4 hours of non-stop runs. That last one in the snow was our 2nd to last. She was tired and that was OK. Looking back on the day, we had done more than I ever thought we would accomplish. She has the “fly down the hill” part mastered now. We just need to keep spending time on the turns but it should be easy.

I am almost interested in getting her back up there a few more times this year. If I get her on her own, then — I get to start all over with Reagan! Then Kayla. And maybe back to Kim. At least I know the formula now though!

Might have been my 2nd Proudest Dad Day ever — right behind that day she started riding her bike.