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My sister, Natalee, is in town for her annual ski visit. We have a pretty solid routine but this year we are going to switch it up a bit. The longer I live here the less I find myself skiing. Just some combination of traffic, cost, and other things to do in the snow have kept me off the mountains with sticks attached to my feet. So I wasn’t exactly sure how I was mentally going to enjoy being out there today. We decided on going to Keystone since Natalee hasn’t been there before. Part of the routine is to get her to a new resort every time she visits until we have been through all the reasonable ones nearby. So we got on the road this morning but Natalee curiously did not have her skis! She decided that she was going to snowboard again and, if possible, buy one on the way. So…

A quick in and out and she was geared up with a new board. We also got discount lift tickets there too so it worked out even better. Got to Keystone and jumped in the gondola for a solid 5 hours of runs. Weather was in the 20s with some cloud cover. A snow storm was moving in but it provided us some fresh powder and a break from that pesky high altitude sunshine.


We ran all the lifts. All the way out to the Outback and back. Stayed on blues. Given it was her 2nd day ever on a board, a black seemed out of the question. Plus, I am getting older and lazy and don’t want to twist out a knee running some black — which would ruin my budding ultramarathon career. So we stayed pretty chill.


After the lifts closed, we headed over to the Smashburger in Dillion. Natalee got out of the car and exclaimed, “Time to see what all the fuss is about!” Chowed down. I was super special invited to a Smashburger event tonight in Englewood with Smashburger Executives on hand to test new menu items. They must have heard about the burger wars! Well, I couldn’t make it so this was the next best thing. But free food would have been pretty cool!

We slogged back along I-70 in the storm that we skied through. Back home safely. I promptly got on the treadmill and ran 40 or so minutes while the kids, Natalee and Kim played some Mario Brothers together. It was great entertainment! No big miles today but sort of a 2-fer with all the skiing and then some running.

Will make up for it tomorrow morning when we head over to Green Mountain to show Natalee what THAT fuss is all about!

Oh, and the skiing — wasn’t so bad. Nice to enjoy a mountain once in a while without having to run up or down it!