Run: Green Mountain (6.52 mi)

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Simon pinged me last week to do a long run. Mine are early in the week and his are late so we didn’t sync up. But I offered a guided tour of Green Mountain for today and he was game. So we met up at Chautauqua for parking convenience and set out down the Baseline trail towards Gregory. Simon had a packing failure and left his traction at home. So I split up my microspikes — one a piece. Better than nothing. We hit the trailhead for a pit stop and then continued up. The trail has a new coat of fresh snow which seemed like a great idea! However, it is in this weird mushy state so it is a bit slippery to run on vs. normal. Usually, you get this nice packed bed of ice and snow that the microspikes enjoy. Not today.

I led up and we bumped into Tony near the powerlines. Stopped and introduced Simon and then moved on. I was feeling fatigue in my legs early from the back to back long days this week and the late night at Ignite. Actually, I was home early enough but Kim was up late working on a craft project till midnight so I didn’t get the rest I needed. Oh well.

We hit the lodge in a normal split for me then continued upward. I was running my new improved slow pace and feeling strong until we got to the Greenman junction. That’s when my mind took over and said I had an excuse not to run 100% of the trail today. Kept on pace until that next steep uphill before you crest and took a walk. I let Simon go around and lead out from there so he didn’t have to stare at my ass the entire run. We picked up an older gentleman who was on pace with us and he slid in between us. I kept on my slow run again to the 4-way. Simon and “grandpa” alternated the run and walk. I would reel them in on steeper stuff and then they would shoot away on the flats with their conserved energy. It was a fun dynamic. Finally, we were in a train going up the final face. Grandpa had no traction and was slipping all over the place.

Jumped up the stairs and got up on the rock to enjoy a clear and decently warm summit.

We cruised back down the same way. That loose snow made it harder to pick up speed in the corners than usual. Hope its packed and frozen by the weekend. After the trailhead, we went back up to Ski Jump Trail for one more push. Simon gave me the look like “another hill?” at which point we walked the last bit up together and then jogged it in back to the car. 90 minutes. Good workout for both of us.

Had lunch at Larkburger — my 2nd in 24 hours! Talked running, internets, family, and more. It was good catching up. Simon, hope to do it again now that you know how to get your shoes dirty out there — wait, it was snow covered…

We went 6.52 miles with an elevation gain of 2,857 feet in 01:31:08, which is an average pace of 13:58. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.