Ignite Boulder 8

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Met up with JM and GZ tonight for Ignite Boulder 8. What is that?

Ignite Boulder is a night of presentations with a twist. Presenting on a subject of their choice, speakers have exactly five minutes to teach something, enlighten us, or simply inspire–backed by twenty slides auto-advancing every fifteen seconds. Quick, fun, and smart, we sell out the Boulder Theater.

850 people were in attendance tonight making this the largest Ignite ever in the world. I love Boulder! The presentations will be online shortly I assume so you can watch a few. There were a bunch of great topics, presenters, and themes. We learned that:

  • Sex makes babies
  • We shouldn’t sweat the small stuff
  • Star Trek continues to teach life lessons
  • Britney Spears sucks
  • 17 year olds can make a difference
  • Clapping is ghey
  • Beer is 90% water
  • Dental floss is a code word for a thong
  • You don’t make any money if you win a 5 day stint on the Family Feud
  • You don’t need a board to play a game
  • How to shoot a conceptual art photograph without the use of pot
  • If you spray Pam on your legs, you have a problem with your jeans
  • Wives love their husband’s quirks
  • If its reversible, just do it
  • Let your freak flag fly….velvet

Great sparks! Until next time…