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The “API gods” over at Facebook have decided to once again change the world by removing the ability to update profile boxes via the API. They seem to be locking down the profile by only allowing some type of tabs to be created. I am bored. Too many changes.

Given that and the difficulty in setting up profile stuff, I am bailing on the profile support and giving in to the demands of my users that have asked.

Now Playing does status updates or publishes news feed items!

You can choose between status updates or news feed items. Here is what a status update look like this. Text is fully configurable.

Facebook | Brandon Fuller is listening to Nothing Remains by Chimaira!

However, if you want a juicier post, you can go for a news feed item. If you get an Amazon match for the track, you will get a prettier display with album artwork. I am not supporting custom album artwork here because most people can’t get it right (read too hard to support). The message part of the post is configurable but the rest is not — for now.

Facebook | Brandon Fuller is listening to Family Reunion by Saliva!

You will have to grant Now Playing another Facebook permission to make this work. The best bet is just to repeat the setup process on the plugin configuration page.

I also brought over the recent Twitter changes I had put into the Mac edition. Now all editions have the same functionality for Facebook and Twitter.

Hope you enjoy the new stuff. Let me know how it goes.