Weekly Training Summary (83.45 miles / 12:48:01)

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Across the board, it was a “most of the season” kind of week. Got the most miles, most time, and most elevation. It was good to be back after the rest week to allow myself to push the numbers up. Frankly, the big motivator was the month…who’s the jerk that only put 28 days in February? I should have realized … Read More

Run: Green Mountain x 2 (11.21 mi)

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Set my alarm so I was up and gone by 7:30 AM. I am starting to want to be sure I have enough time to get everything I can done on a Saturday morning on the trail. JV had left me a message telling me they were going up the front side and would meet me on the back side … Read More

My Latest Finding

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Glenn mentioned Daniel’s Points the other day so I went googling. Found this spreadsheet that calculates many things. Always of key interest is how I can gain an advantage to crush Brownie at Boston. So here is my big secret…it says I am too fat! I need to drop about 10 pounds and then I will be breaking 3:00 in … Read More

Run: Slow 11M (11.29 mi @ 07:49)

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Boring day but I ran the steady yesterday so I enjoyed t-shirt weather and ran my slow day. Experimented on the route a tad and I got stuck in a barbed wire fence maze that I had to military crawl out of. Oh well. Paces were mostly under marathon PR while holding slow range. That’s good stuff. Dr. Rodgers threw … Read More