Run: 8 x 800m Fast WU/CD (7.21 mi)

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1 mile jog, then 8 x 800m fast, with 200m jog recoveries, then 1 mile jog. Never could get my HR over 160 on the intervals but was totally spent by the end of them. I was worried about doing this workout today after 2 long days but I need to get it in with the break coming. Dentist this … Read More

Run: Slow 16M (16.15 mi @ 08:04)

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Long run shifted one day due to yesterday’s mountains. Legged were a little tired this morning but I shook it out once I was on the run. Miles just ticked away. Felt like I was just out there for a few minutes. Very comfortable pace. Kicked it up for the last 0.25 just because. Exact same pace as last week’s … Read More

Run: Green Mountain x 2 (10.35 mi)

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With MLK Day off work, I wanted to get a longer run in. I put out the call for Green and got 3 bites: GZ, CL, and AK. We started up Gregory at 7:30 AM. I set my moderate pace because I knew the 2nd lap was going to be so much harder if I blew it up on this … Read More