Run: Slow 10M (10.53 mi @ 08:08)

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Yucky day outside. I was looking forward to some more white fluffy snow. Instead we got a dusting and that was enough to junk up the roads with big old mud puddles. I went earlier today after yesterday’s gut issue from lunch. Felt much better but I was cold. Didn’t dress warm enough and my blood temps seem to be … Read More

Run: Easy 14M (14.01 mi @ 08:35)

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Staying in the easy zone until the weekend but getting good aerobic effort in. It was colder out there today that I expected with the cloudy skies. I am driven by the sun and I hope it returns shortly. Nothing momentous on this run. I never checked my junk a single time so I think it is behind me now. … Read More

Run: Easy 7M (7.07 mi @ 08:37)

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First run after being neutered. It is good to be back! Did you miss me? I had Kim do a scrotum check on me last night for a 2nd opinion. All looks well. No soreness or swelling. I shredded my prescription for Vicodin. Never needed it. Never even took a Tylenol. So I woke up today knowing that I would … Read More

Run: Slow 10M (10.41 mi @ 07:59)

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Bailed on the brisk workout that was scheduled. Decided to run slow instead. My legs had no spark but can deal with distance today. Last run before the break. Went to the appointment in sweats so I could be comfy. Minutes later I was in a gown. They put in an IV and I waited for the guy before me … Read More

Run: Green Mountain (5.75 mi)

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2nd visit to Green this week. I can’t just settle for one trip per week anymore. However, the trail is not as awesome as it was. The rocks are poking out now. The snow is gone in many spots. Please snow again! I can’t believe I just said that. Previously, I would boycott trails until it was dry or 60 … Read More