January 2010 Training Summary (250.23 Miles)

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250.23 miles in 29 outings in a time of 38:10:34 with an elevation gain of 29,695 feet at an average heart rate of 145.

The first month of the year is in the bag. Feels good to be on the road to the promised land. It won’t come soon enough.

Looking backwards, I only ran more miles 2 months last year — just before Denver. Ran only 1/2 this total last January. Clearly, I am on a new mission. I will call it now — 250 is my minimum floor for monthly mileage 2010 until Leadville. Onward and upward. It was a good workload for me with a family/work balance. I am glad I have those 2 things because I bet I would be doing 400 out of sheer determination.

Ran with lots of the boys this month — JV, Homie, GZ, Chris, Jim P, and Tony. I owe Brownie a run up this way. And I have yet to hook up with Lucho.

While others will top me in mileage, this was a great month for me. I was able to run every single day that I was physically able. Took 3 days off for the big surgery and those were my only rest days of the month. Makes me feel good to be so consistent. Maybe too much so but I didn’t feel like I was hurting myself. I could probably rest a bit more now and then but I feel much better putting down a solid strict easy run. Keeps my blood pumping, lungs prepared, and metabolism in check.

Another big change over prior training months was putting down more frequent and longer uphill training sessions. I traded in Sanitas this cycle for Green and it was a welcome change. I am getting a much better workout from my trips up there. 7 trips up Green Mountain so far this year. If this trend continues, I might shoot for 52 trips on the year just so I can say I visited nearly every week of the year. It takes me 30 minutes door to trailhead so I am losing valuable running time when I choose to go down there but I think it is going to pay off. I will be excited to do a time trial up there once the snow is completely gone.

Wasn’t so hot on the speedwork this month but when am I ever? Hopefully, it will start coming to me this month. But the long runs are just smooth now. Oh, how I used to struggle with those 2-3 years ago.

So how are am I progressing against the goals?

A) Leadville – It seems so far away but almost not. Once the weather warms up, I know it is going to just be around the corner. I feel good about the trail runs and the 2-fers and the lack of rest days. All those things seem to be good Leadville training. Talking to Tony, I need to get up to 12-15 hours a week solid. I see that as a nice jump and I don’t have any fear of that. The days are just too short right now. Plus, it isn’t time. Post-Boston I think.

B) Boston – Who knows? I ran further in January than ever before. I should be in good shape since I am on my sub-3 hour training plan and following it — and doing more. I just don’t see the speed coming my way to drop to the pace I need. But I am not in that phase yet so I won’t sweat it.

Weight is holding steady at my Denver Marathon weight. I will expand on this shortly. Getting 2 weeks of calorie data first and then we will dissect.

Thanks for all the comments this month. The daily posts probably get boring at times but it helps me as I take a minute each day to reflect on what I am doing right or wrong.