Run: Green Mountain (5.66 mi) & Slow 6M (6.50 mi @ 08:06)

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Ain’t no stopping me now. 2-fer day! Brownie claimed he wasn’t going to run while in Durango so I need to catch back up.

Woke up and saw the sun and decide to go to Green today instead of tomorrow. Exactly 7.5 days post-surgery and I was headed back to the dirt. How awesome. I couldn’t have asked for a better recovery. However, come June I will probably be wishing I took more than 3 days off when I had the chance.

I ran my normal pace up to the lodge. Splits are now pretty consistent at 19 flat to the lodge. I will get another minute once the snow is gone and I can slam the downhill there as you descend to the lodge. Got 50 yards up from the lodge and ran into Tony. Stopped him to chat for a minute. I was slightly rested from the stop so I motored to the 4-way taking 2-3 minutes off my winter best split. Then up the stairs and summit. Not a bad ascent. Legs were fresh for the first time in ages. Lungs were hurting.

I was ready to rock the descent but I took one jump off the first rock and my right nad said: No way. Um, OK then. I was like it was attached to the shock absorber in my right leg. I can run flat or up all day but big down bounces on that leg didn’t feel good. So I slowed down and got used to it. As the descent continued, I practiced leading with my left leg. Apparently, I always take the steps right leg first. So this was a fun correction exercise.

Spent time with the family and helped Kim do more payroll taxes and stuff for Orion. Year end sucks. Some of it had to go in the mail today so I put on my Nathan vest and loaded up with mail. Special delivery! I ran to the post office and back to make the last drop off of the day. Never say that I don’t try to be green. Felt good to get some slow miles in to up the total. The only sad part was that I realized while showering after that I only ran ~2:15 today and not 2:20 total. Oh well.

I went 12.16 miles with an elevation gain of 2,980 feet in 02:14:14. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.