Run: Slow 10M (10.53 mi @ 08:08)

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Yucky day outside. I was looking forward to some more white fluffy snow. Instead we got a dusting and that was enough to junk up the roads with big old mud puddles. I went earlier today after yesterday’s gut issue from lunch. Felt much better but I was cold. Didn’t dress warm enough and my blood temps seem to be warmer these days from our slightly warmer weather. I had my first moment today where I thought — it will be nice to run in the heat again.

Average HR was higher than target range. Not sure why. There was a headwind and it was wet, slick, and cold. Just zoned out and kept at it today. Not happy with the pace or the HR but oh well. It was a good run and I came in all muddy up the back of the legs. Quads feel tired this evening so that is good. I must be doing something.

Ready to hit the hills again. Might try this weekend.

I went 10.53 miles with an elevation gain of 233 feet in 01:25:41, which is an average pace of 08:08. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.