Run: Green Mountain (5.75 mi)

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2nd visit to Green this week. I can’t just settle for one trip per week anymore. However, the trail is not as awesome as it was. The rocks are poking out now. The snow is gone in many spots. Please snow again! I can’t believe I just said that. Previously, I would boycott trails until it was dry or 60 degrees. Now, I feel at home with the snow. Ah, 20s or 30s is just right! Another change in mindset.

Jim came onto my radar last year and I kept meaning to run with him one day. So we finally hooked up this morning for a trip up Green. About 5 minutes in, we ran past the Sheriff of Green Mountain. I would say Mayor but sorry — I officially hold that title these days. See?

My gut was a little off this morning but that didn’t stop me from being happy with the split to the lodge. It went downhill from there. Not so happy on the lodge to the 4-way. Legs were really dragging. Just muscle soreness from the week and no breaks. HR fell off into the 140s. It was 160 on the first section.

The summit was all ours and we chatted about the upcoming season. Jim and I will both be running at Lake City. It will be his first 50. My 2nd. So we have a lot to learn and hopefully can share some of that between each other.

Tomorrow will make 22 days with no off days and 78 minutes each day on average. I am not streaking — but I was — just so I knew I could go into the break with confidence that I put some solid effort in beforehand. Back to back hard days, etc. I figured I could make the most of this by trying to drain myself down, get a solid rest in, then finish out the schedule.

Lucho threw me a solid comment yesterday in response to nutrition. I was telling Jim that it is the one area that I usually just wing it. I am trying to get more science behind it but I just don’t have enough ultras under my belt to be comfortable with it yet. I don’t know exactly what works for me yet. We chatted a bit about coaching. I can see the value there. Sometimes it is hard to see the big picture from all your daily logs, GPS records, etc. We try but it is hard. Someone else may be able to come in and spot a pattern rather easily that you just can’t see for yourself. I mentioned how great it is to have this local running and blogging community where we share accomplishments, failures, tips and tricks. And don’t forget the constant requirement of “giving shit”. I would pay for some of the knowledge I have gained through it. But I know that I “pay it forward” because others comment that they use me as a model or motivator for their own running. Scary, cool, and flattering.

Anyway, off to shave my scrotum…

I went 5.75 miles with an elevation gain of 2,522 feet in 01:16:55, which is an average pace of 13:22. View my GPS data on Garmin Connect.