Run: Green Mountain x 2 (10.35 mi)

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With MLK Day off work, I wanted to get a longer run in. I put out the call for Green and got 3 bites: GZ, CL, and AK. We started up Gregory at 7:30 AM. I set my moderate pace because I knew the 2nd lap was going to be so much harder if I blew it up on this route. Tony stayed on my heals but I finally signaled him to take off once we were into the climb. He is so effortless. Would be fun to chat as we ascend but if I talk, I have to walk.

Green Mountain

I stopped to put on my spikes shortly thereafter because its easier than falling. Came up on Tony as he was putting his spikes on — yes, he got spikes! Then we sailed down to the lodge together. George and Chris were hanging right behind us as we started up Ranger. I got to my usual nemesis spot and let Tony pass again and he was gone. Slowed it up and brought it in tighter with Chris and George so we could chat a bit to the top. Summited and we sat on the rock and pondered the vastness before us.

Green Mountain

I love having GZ around. Then I don’t have to worry about photos. I just do video. But I was having such a good time today, I forgot to get it out for more than 30 seconds.

With his lack of traction, GZ bailed out to the road for the descent. That left the 3 of us barreling down Ranger. I love flying down that thing right now. Although, the conditions get worse by the day — meaning less snow. We need another dump to dress the trail up again. I borked the GPS coming down and lost from the summit to the lodge. Oh well. We made it back down to the TH and met up with GZ as he got back. Everyone parted ways and I reset my watch for my 2nd ascent of Green for today. Thanks for coming out, guys!

Legs were wobbly off the bat so I held a steady HR with a power hike. Went Amp/Saddle/Greenman for something new. Took my time. Good calorie burner. Not a lot of running. Summited and without stopping proceeded directly down via Ranger again and back to the car. 2 laps on Green completed. Happy about that.

I went 10.35 miles with an elevation gain of 5,132 feet in 02:47:42. View my GPS data for lap 1 and lap 2 on Garmin Connect.