Run: Green Mountain (5.84 mi)

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First of a series of weekly Wednesday Green outings. Replacing Sanitas for now. Hoping to be ready to pounce come springtime. It was colder than prior days. I found it snowing upon arrival. Tried to be more conservative today to hold energy throughout instead of burning up at the start. Stopped at the cabin for a deuce and moved out. How nice to have a mid-route pot to stop at that is open all winter long!

Put in a good run after the cabin but then lost my drive on the ridge. I am able to run longer, harder, and further every time on this sucker. The times don’t show it yet but they will once I put it all together. Summited solo and had the place to myself until…

We chatted and ran down together back to Gregory. I led and crushed him! Ha ha! OK, maybe not — it was because I had microspikes and he had no traction — but hey, that might be the only time I see him in my rearview mirror ever! Gear wins over minimal…today. I picked his brain on somethings that I am working on and got the lowdown on his 2010 plans. Oh, and I asked if he saw the last video I made. Always great to have company on the way down Green. Hope we can do it again sometime.

I went 5.84 miles with an elevation gain of 2,495 feet in 01:20:38, which is an average pace of 13:48. View my GPS data.