Run: Easy 10M (10.05 mi @ 08:31)

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Ran late. Went easy. Sun went down on me and I was in the pitch black. Couldn’t see the road anymore. I was dressed in black. Yikes. Got it in to cap off the month. 65 miles on the week. With 1 Green Mountain trip in there and 1 day off. I went 10.05 miles with an elevation gain of … Read More

Run: Steady 11M (11.01 mi @ 07:30)

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The fog lifted finally and the sun was out. I felt like getting after it a bit today so I moved up into the steady (150s) zone. Had to keep managing my pace as I found myself drifting up from time to time. At mile 10, I got a big side cramp. Brought down the pace and pushed through it … Read More


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Of course, I was all excited to see what Jobsus would bring down from the mountain yesterday. The tablet was real. Finally. Nearly tired of it dominating the rumor discussion for the last few years. However, from there it kind of went downhill for me. I agreed with Steve that netbooks are not great for anything. They are cheap computers. … Read More