Weekly Non-Training Summary (50 miles)

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I am not training so this is a non-training update. Just felt like I was silent this week. Had my head down with work, life, and holiday preparations. Mon – 8.74 Tue – 9.16 Wed – 9.62 Thu – 3.34 Fri – Off Sat – 14.44 Sun – 5.07 This week, the weather put the smackdown on many Colorado runners. … Read More

Trivium @ Gothic Theater / Denver, CO / 2009

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If you looked at my iPod “RUN” playlist, you would see this band ranks 2nd in the most tracks included after Slipknot. Funny — I learned of this band via Slipknot earlier this year. They were the openers at a show I went to. The line was so long that I never got inside early enough to see them play. … Read More

Run: Del Camino (9.16 mi @ 07:40)

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Got out earlier today than I have been lately. That felt good but it was cooler than I liked and my legs were tired. Stayed steady but didn’t really want to be there. Might have been hungry. In other news…think you can you beat this guy at a 5k? Come find out on Dec 12th. Race on! BTW, he is … Read More