Run: I-880 (6.26 mi @ 07:27)

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Some photos from the celebration last night. Here is Ted (my boss) up on stage getting his diploma from the big bosses, JC and MDB. After the pictures with JC were over, we grabbed MDB (our SVP) and had him pose with some of my team. From left to right: Manju, Vivek, MDB, Luke, Naveen, Me. Woke up and wanted … Read More

Run: Coyote Creek Trail (7.53 mi)

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After a few solid margaritas last night, I turned in. My alarm was set for 6:30 AM. Ugh. Got up, put on my running gear (shorts!) and ran from my hotel to the building where my team works. 1.5 miles over there. Good warm-up. But it was cold. Sure, not below zero Colorado cold but the dew on the grass … Read More

Today in California

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Woke up late after that late night run. Grabbed a Jamba Juice on the way into work. Then went into a meeting. But I was starving the whole time. Talked 3 co-workers into heading over to In-N-Out for lunch. Not a hard sell. Got a Double Double — probably would have done a 4×4 if I was alone. Ate it … Read More

Snow Play Day

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It was cold but we found a way to make the most of it! Do not try this at home — but we did! Found a way to get the ATVs some movement today. Snow Play Day from Brandon Fuller on Vimeo.