Run: Del Camino (9.15 mi @ 07:28)

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Looping East today. Felt cold and didn’t want to go but fought the urge. It is just easier to stay inside and warm but it isn’t bad outside and I need to take advantage of it. Summer just draws me out with no choice. I could just lay on the driveway and soak up the sun. Winter makes me think … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir (10.18 mi @ 07:38)

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Finally back home in the groove for a normal loop after a week away. Felt totally shitty in a good way. Last week, when returning from California, the TSA bitch lady randomly started giving me a hard time because she didn’t think I looked like my picture. As if it was my older brother’s license. It was only 2+ years … Read More

Burger Wars

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Today on the way to take the kids to Disney on Ice (penance for being gone all week!), we stopped at Smashburger for lunch. This was my first time there. Friends had been saying that I had to try it and match it up against the others. I commented over on Facebook and a war began so I thought I … Read More

The Incline

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Previously. Manitou Springs is just outside Colorado Springs. It sits at the foot of Pikes Peak. It is where the Pike Peak Marathon starts and finished. I ran that bad boy in 2008 and have mixed emotions about that day. I want to return some year to avenge the mountain due to the weather that beat us down that day. … Read More

Stocking Shuffle 5k 2009

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Distance 5k Time 20:51 (PR) Pace 6:31 Rank 6th GPS Analysis Garmin Connect I came to know of Brownie during this past August via his successful finish at the Leadville 100. We started “bumping” into each other more and more online and struck up a few conversations. Finally got to meet at a group run in Boulder this fall. We … Read More