What To Wear

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Trying to pack for my trip. I see this forecast for Christmas day. Trying to figure out exactly what to pack to run in that. Armor? A helmet? Maybe Ward knows.

Run: Union Reservoir (9.00 mi @ 07:46)

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Last Colorado run of 2009! Back from day off of sickness yesterday. Feel better but not a clear head yet. Fuzzy and tired. But the weather today could not be beat. Glad we got the shortest day of the year out of the way. Back to longer days starting tomorrow! I went 9.00 miles with an elevation gain of 207 … Read More

A Green Mountain Star-Studded Outing

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Watch the video first! My work scheduled got changed up for today with a longer morning meeting. Plus, I had to hang at the kid’s school after dropping them off and wait for Reagan’s holiday program to start while watching Kayla so Kim could assist in preparations. Busy morning! However, on a whim, I threw my gear in my truck … Read More

Run: Del Camino (9.11 mi @ 07:37)

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Alternating loops now daily. Never felt on today. Slow and sluggish. Probably from a little lack of sleep plus a harder day yesterday. JV pinged me about going to Green first thing but I couldn’t get away today. The mountains are becoming harder to get to these days. Oh, summer — when will you return? Over the last few days, … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir (9.02 mi @ 07:16)

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Ran CCW today for a change. Had my lungs back finally after that week away. Was able to kick the pace down a few seconds over normal. Felt a higher level of exertion but not out of steady pace. I could totally break 1:30 in a half the next time around. Was going to get out to Sanitas this AM … Read More