A Green Mountain Star-Studded Outing

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Watch the video first!

My work scheduled got changed up for today with a longer morning meeting. Plus, I had to hang at the kid’s school after dropping them off and wait for Reagan’s holiday program to start while watching Kayla so Kim could assist in preparations. Busy morning! However, on a whim, I threw my gear in my truck because I figured I would be half way to Boulder and maybe JV could swing a later run. Luckily, he called me shorter thereafter and we planned on meeting at noon at Gregory to go up Green Mountain. JV also invited his friend Aron to come along. He is moving to Boulder and was in town looking at places. Apparently, they are making his book into a movie. JV was proposing various celebrities to fill the role of Aron. Odd drinking question — who should play you in a movie? Discuss.

We headed up and I immediately stopped and put on my microspikes. No likey the icey. Once they were on, it was like glue. That big rock section up Gregory is covered in snow making it just like someone laid a big board over the top of the rocks. With the spikes on, you just fly right up that icy mess. We were all chatting it up on the way up so no records today. When we hit the cottage, I decided to give it a little more gas to get my workout in for the day so I headed up ahead of them. JV had already been up once today anyway so he knew I was a threat — or not.

As I turned onto the final switchback at the top, I saw The Man starting to descend towards me! I yelled out at him — DUDE! He has evaded me on these hills for months now. Fear? We stopped and chatted and I got to meet the better half — Jocelyn. Tony said I looked pretty fit. Big compliment. I probably am down 10-15 pounds since I saw him at Leadville. They descended and I continued up to tag the summit. 46-ish but not sure if I managed my watch correctly. Then I came back down and caught up with JV, Aron, Tony and Jocelyn all together having a reunion on the trail. Good times. I returned to the summit with JV and Aron. JV quickly explained to Aron that Tony is my “man crush”. Do we have to use that term? I promise to be normal in 2010 now that the sighting is out of the way. And apparently, Aron ran Leadville in the mid-2000s and finish just shy of 30 hours. Nice! With 2 finishers in the club today — I hope to be in it soon. Anyway, great finally bumping into you today, Tony.

JV and I gave it a good effort in a few spots on the way down. My ankles were getting fried from running all out downhill on that packed snow. Constantly digging into various footprints that are slightly below grade and tweaking your ankle in the process. We thought we might catch them again on the way down but they must have floated off elsewhere. We got back to the trucks and parted with Aron. Great meeting you today, Aron.

After 2 laps on Green, we had to get this boy a burger! So we went over to Smashburger in Lafayette — didn’t know it was there!


I slightly changed up the order today. Regular fries — Smashfries got too wet at the bottom of the basket. And Haystack Onions. Good.


I went 5.38 miles with an elevation gain of 2,607 feet in 01:20:44. View my GPS data.