Run: Del Camino (9.11 mi @ 07:37)

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Alternating loops now daily. Never felt on today. Slow and sluggish. Probably from a little lack of sleep plus a harder day yesterday. JV pinged me about going to Green first thing but I couldn’t get away today. The mountains are becoming harder to get to these days. Oh, summer — when will you return?

Over the last few days, my foot has been getting pinched oddly and I have noticed a ton of pebbles in my right shoe. Today, post run I took at look at the shoe and realized I had ripped the inside of the right shoe apart. My foot had been riding up on the edge of the insole for the last few days. So it was with fond memories that I retired my first pair of Lunatrainers to the trash can. I looked back and saw that I had bought them on July 17th — 5 months to the day. While I didn’t run exclusively in these shoes, I ran in them a lot. Nearly every training road mile. Garmin Connect shows 1,242 miles since then. So my guess is that these shoes have 800-900 miles on them. Nice — that should make Nick proud of me in the cents per mile category. Check out the outside corner wear — that is my strike pattern.

Dead Shoe

I have a brand spanking new pair of red Lunatrainers on the shelf ready for action come the start of the new training cycle after Christmas. Need to break them in and then see if I can burn them up before Boston.

In other news, our neighborhood was on the front page of the Longmont paper again. If you are new to this story, we are neighbors to a mega-church-city to be developed called LifeBridge. The city of Longmont (to our west) and the city of Firestone (to our east) are battling it out in court over some crazy annexation surrounding this property. Well, Firestone pulled off a “end around” by getting 2 other farmers to annex their land in order to create a no-contest annexation that allows Firestone to reach around our neighborhood and annex the LifeBridge development. So Longmont is throwing in the towel and dropping the suits. Makes sense I suppose since they have no viable outcome there now. The stinky part to me is that Longmont’s attorney fees are paid for by the people of course. But Firestone — nope — the church is covering all their expenses because the project is in their interest. Apparently, God really wants this thing built.

LifeBridge Annexation

I went 9.11 miles with an elevation gain of 298 feet in 01:09:32, which is an average pace of 07:37. View my GPS data.