Run: Union Reservoir (9.02 mi @ 07:16)

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Ran CCW today for a change. Had my lungs back finally after that week away. Was able to kick the pace down a few seconds over normal. Felt a higher level of exertion but not out of steady pace. I could totally break 1:30 in a half the next time around.

Was going to get out to Sanitas this AM but JV told me it was icy and it slowed him down yesterday. So I opted not to go since it wouldn’t be optimal conditions. I was more interested in running than falling on my butt. I guess I have to give up on that sub-20 goal for 2009. Hey, I only missed by 7 seconds or so but that’s how it goes. My first time up this year was 28 minutes so that is quite an improvement. I hit my other running goals and those were more important to me anyway. Did some quick math and I made it up Sanitas 23 times this year. Only once the year prior. And 0 times in my life before that. It has become a staple in my training for now.

I went 9.02 miles with an elevation gain of 601 feet in 01:05:37, which is an average pace of 07:16. View my GPS data.