Run: I-880 (6.26 mi @ 07:27)

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Some photos from the celebration last night. Here is Ted (my boss) up on stage getting his diploma from the big bosses, JC and MDB.

Ted and JC & MDB

After the pictures with JC were over, we grabbed MDB (our SVP) and had him pose with some of my team. From left to right: Manju, Vivek, MDB, Luke, Naveen, Me.

MDB and We

Woke up and wanted to bail on running. Saw comments from Brownie on how he was kicking it up in sub-zero temps and figured I can’t puss out when I have a better/warmer opportunity. The whole company was sitting around watching our Cisco 25th Anniversary Company Meeting Celebration. You can replay on demand so I might as well watch it tomorrow when home and it is freezing outside. Special guests included a performance by Jerry Seinfeld — in person, on stage at Cisco. Nice.

Didn’t know where to run today so set out along McCarthy Ranch, then crossed over 880. Then got to find my way back through the neighborhoods and trails back to where I started. It was nice and cool and sort of wet in the air. Seemed like a good workout even though it was a bit shorter than usual. Kind of an exploratory run but wasn’t too far out. Warmer today in California but time to go home.

Got to the airport to find that they had moved United to a different terminal yesterday. Have been coming and going from Terminal C for my entire life. Now, A? Ok. Man, nothing to eat over there. I was bummed out. Flight was packed but on time. Watched some podcast videos on software and fell asleep.

As I was finally back to my car, Kim called me in a panic. Sydney apparently has a peanut allergy. They were making cookies and she ate off the mixing spoon — but not a peanut directly — and her lip swelled up instantly. Got everyone freaked out. Kim called the doctor and they told her to get some medicine in her. But ours was expired. So Kim ran out with the kids and got it at the store and all was well. On the way back home after the crisis, she stopped at McDonald’s to get them some food. Went to pay. No wallet! She left it in the cart. She went back to the store but didn’t find it. Told them to be on the lookout. She called me moments later and told me about the whole thing. Wish I would have gotten home an hour earlier! In any case, I told her what to do and she went about canceling her credit cards. When I lost my wallet, they had them in action within minutes. You don’t get charged but better to get in front of the issue. After an hour on the phone, it was done and she could relax. Just before bed, the store called — found her wallet! Nice.

I went 6.26 miles with an elevation gain of 331 feet in 00:46:43, which is an average pace of 07:27. View my GPS data.