Weekly Non-Training Summary (50 miles)

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I am not training so this is a non-training update. Just felt like I was silent this week. Had my head down with work, life, and holiday preparations.

Mon – 8.74

Tue – 9.16

Wed – 9.62

Thu – 3.34

Fri – Off

Sat – 14.44

Sun – 5.07

This week, the weather put the smackdown on many Colorado runners. Just plain cold most days and blowing snow added on some. I can’t believe some were racing! Early in the week, I found myself trying to wait it out till later in the day so I could get warmer weather. This proved to be a bad plan because I get busy in the afternoon and once I finally get out, I start pushing my time into the dinner hour which Kim does not like. About a year ago, I always ran late in the day and I blame that for my stall out in improvement at that time. Anyway, I am just cementing in my head that no matter what — the morning run must occur or else.

My longest run of the week was 14 and a 1/2 which I took 2 hours to complete. Nice and easy on snowy bike paths. Felt so easy to just go out and run that distance after not doing it for nearly 2 months. Although, I was looking at my watch wondering how the hell I did 26.2 at a much faster pace. Oh well. Funny how quickly you lose sight of how you did what you did. Anyway, my main goal in that long run was just to burn a bunch of calories. I am holding my weight right now. Last year, I gained 10-12 on the break. I just need to make it till the end of the month before the next cycle begins and I can turn the guards back off. Can’t wait.

My work buds, Luke and Glenn, ran CIM this morning. Congrats to both of them on their finishes! Guess it was below freezing at the start. Oops. Very glad I made the choice to run Denver to BQ and not shoot for it at CIM. It would have been so late in the year and Boston is already full anyway!

I am headed out of town this week for warmer weather. Excited about running in shorts this week. First business trip in over a year — amazing what TelePresence does for your travel schedule. But then it will be back for the big showdown in the Springs next weekend with that wanker, Brownie. Still room in my truck if YOU want to join the party. Secretly, I am sort of nervous because I haven’t been doing any speedwork with this snow. But I should be well rested. We will see how that helps.