Run: Del Camino (9.16 mi @ 07:40)

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Got out earlier today than I have been lately. That felt good but it was cooler than I liked and my legs were tired. Stayed steady but didn’t really want to be there. Might have been hungry.

In other news…think you can you beat this guy at a 5k?

brownie, yer doin' a heck of a job!: August 2009

Come find out on Dec 12th. Race on! BTW, he is coming off a win at the Cottonwood Creek 5k. The Stocking Shuffle 5K takes place in Colorado Springs. Afterward, we will fill out bellies with PBR and King’s Chef and then head over to the Incline so we can vomit it all up as we ascend this glorified staircase where legends are made.

After that, who knows — maybe some more miles up the Barr Trail or Red Rock Canyon or maybe just top it out on PP for fun. Whatever the weather allows.

Who’s in? Hummer shuttle to the Springs included. Who says there is an off-season? Man up!

I went 9.16 miles with an elevation gain of 300 feet in 01:10:17, which is an average pace of 07:40. View my GPS data.