A(nother) Year In Running

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2008 saw the odometer at 1601 miles. Not bad but I knew more could be achieved with more effort. Total miles annually is really just a number. Some run less and are faster. Some run more and are slower. So let’s analyze, reflect, and move on. For 2009, the final number: I am proud of this improvement but it isn’t … Read More

Run: Fort Wayne (6.14 mi @ 07:52)

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Yesterday it was raining and I did not bring that gear so I stayed in. Today I was sure to get out. Was good until I hit the wide open areas and the windchill knocked the temps straight down. Colder that I would have liked so I did my short loop here and got back inside. I went 6.14 miles … Read More

Run: Fort Wayne (3.28 mi @ 08:21)

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Snowed here last night so the streets got messy. Woke up late and it was in the 20s and windy. I went out and just did a small loop to stay loose. Neighborhoods were all ice and streets have no shoulder. Making due. I went 3.28 miles with an elevation gain of 5,046 feet in 00:27:22, which is an average … Read More