Run: Steady 10M (10.08 mi @ 07:23)

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The sun returned in full force! It is my stimulant. Even though my foot is bleeding, I wrapped the hell out of it and went for it. Dropped pace mile over mile except for the hill in the middle. Felt super the whole time. Finished sub 7. I am a machine. I won an award today apparently! I went 10.08 … Read More

Run: St. Vrain Greenway (8.18 mi @ 07:43)

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Took Kim’s car in today for tire work so I had to wait. So I ran my old triangle pattern on the Greenway. It was supposed to be warmer today but I was cold by the end. With a mile left, my heel blister wasn’t happy and was bleeding. Red sock. Would have gone further but figured I should not … Read More

October Training Summary

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275.81 miles in 27 outings in a time of 42:22:42 with an elevation gain of 34,699 feet at an average heart rate of 148. Last October was 111 miles. Basically, I tapered, ran Denver, and took the rest of the month off. This year, that me is gone. I ran big going into the taper, then took the taper pretty … Read More