Run: Union Reservoir (8.79 mi @ 07:25)

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Same route again but no dogs today! Roads are getting better. Not so muddy. However, I could tell right off the bat that my body was off today. Just tired. I didn’t get out till after 11 AM so I was probably bonking a bit because I hadn’t eaten all morning. Used to going 2 hours earlier but I seem … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir (8.68 mi @ 07:21)

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I am stuck in a loop! Ran the reservoir again today. Its only super muddy in a couple of spots. My shoes get all full of mud but then it falls off over the next mile. Didn’t get out till late today because I got busy. That’s why you run early — before you get busy! Went counter-clockwise today since … Read More

Run: Recovery 5M (5.00 mi @ 07:26)

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The snow was melting on the streets so I laced up to get a few in. My shoes were soaked by mile 3. I stayed in the neighborhood as all the adjacent dirt roads were mud pits. Looking forward to getting out this week. I went 5.00 miles with an elevation gain of 397 feet in 00:37:15, which is an … Read More

Longmont Turkey Trot 10k 2009

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Distance 10k Time 40:00 (PR) Pace 6:27 Rank 25 of 437 (Top 6%) GPS Analysis Garmin Connect Yesterday, the weather turned cold and ugly after a beautiful week. As evening fell, I could tell that the race turnout for the morning was going to possibly change. JP dropped. Simon went tentative. I was in no matter what. Give me 2 … Read More