A Bear Thanksgiving

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All week I knew I needed to do something early Thanksgiving morning. Being the biggest race day of the year, a turkey trot was the obvious choice. But after looking at the Boulder course, I decided that was to curvy for me. I wanted a straight line 5k so I could PR big for Wave A. Not going to happen … Read More

Run: Coal Creek Trail (11.45 mi @ 07:42)

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Seems like its been colder this week. I huddled inside this morning and tried to stay warm but my blood temp was just not getting there. At one point, I had a sweatshirt and hat on just trying to build up some body heat. All in preparation for my first night run — ever? JP put out a call for … Read More

Run: Union Reservoir – Zombie Free (8.72 mi @ 07:41)

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After 2 days of rest, time to get back out. Took it easy. Felt heavy in the legs today. Bad news is that Longmont is under a zombie attack! That’s right zombies are spreading within Longmont as we speak. People are taking cover in safe zones. It could be a massive conversion come week’s end. As for myself, each run … Read More

Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (5.32 mi)

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Call me Mr. Excuses. Met JV. Figured this would be an easy PR day. Nice weather, fast pacer — all set. Not. My fault — ran hard all week and only slept 4 hours last night while waiting for Kim to get home from the New Moon premiere. Then I was up at 7 AM and busy till the run. … Read More

Run: Del Camino (9.20 mi @ 07:26)

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Decided to change the route today. More pavement. My left inner heel hurts from something. Feels soft. Anyway, seemed like a fast run but the average pace was slower than expected after. Sanitas tomorrow about noon with JV! Kim is going to the New Moon premiere tonight with all the other Twilighters. I bought her the tickets. Now, I just … Read More