November Training Summary

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197.74 miles in 24 outings in a time of 29:09:13 with an elevation gain of 23,568 feet at an average heart rate of 146.

Nearly my goal of averaging an hour a day. Last November, only 50 miles. I had taken a serious break in November and December last year so it is going to be easy to top those totals. Got out most days for this month. The off days were a couple of rest days, a couple of bike rides, and a hike. Feeling good about staying strong and busy. Wondering if it will catch up because I am not getting enough rest in the off-season? However, I totally start feeling shitty when I don’t get a run in. My digestive system gets out of whack because it is used to the calories intake and output I do day to day. Any change gets me weird. So I hope to just stay at this level or slightly less but keep doing it nearly every day. As long as the weather stays decent. We had a wet start to the month but things have stayed nice since. Never know what next month will bring. Super cold or really wet would impact my motivation. Needing to average like 8 point something a day to hit 2400 but I really am not going to get too bent out of shape if I don’t hit that.

The calendar shows 4 weeks until the 16 week training cycle starts for Boston. Oh man. Already?