Run: Mount Sanitas x 2 (7.21 mi)

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Opted for Sanitas today since it is the most runnable peak right now. Wanted to run. Felt like it was going to be a fast day but didn’t have it in me about 1/2 up on the first loop. Came back down East Ridge. Fell once because I was dumb. Went for loop 2. Finished by doing Dakota Ridge a bit.

Wore the HR monitor for a change and stayed low 160s for the first ascent. Made it up in 21. Second time around I took it easier and got up in 23. The place was a parking lot out there today. People everywhere. Walking, talking. I haven’t been there on a Saturday morning before — doubt I will again. I like it nice and empty otherwise you are constantly getting behind packs that take some time to navigate around.

I went 7.21 miles with an elevation gain of 2,697 feet in 01:36:46, which is an average pace of 13:25. View my GPS data.

Got home and assembled the Christmas tree and hung all the outdoor lights. After that was done, I had an hour till sunset. Felt like getting some road miles in today just to burn a few extra calories and make-up for the day off yesterday. So I did a quick loop at a decent pace. Felt good to run hard for a bit.

I went 5.07 miles with an elevation gain of 249 feet in 00:37:31, which is an average pace of 07:23. View my GPS data.