Old Friends

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No run today. Got up late. Need to enjoy the “sleeping in” more. But I feel guilty all day for not getting the miles in early. Think off-season!

Spent the day down in Highlands Ranch with two of my old roomates and their families. Ian and Cory invited us down to see their new home and let our kids have a play date with theirs. But when they opened the door, Tim and Shannon were standing there! I honestly had some vision of seeing them there a week or so ago but hadn’t gotten the memo that they would be in town for the holiday. It was a great surprise. It had been at least 5 years since I had seen Tim and probably 8 for Shannon. Lots of catching up to do. Spent a lot of time outside with them enjoying the 60+ degree weather.

Tomorrow, I feel like some pain — maybe another go at Sanitas? Sunday is my birthday and I was all set to run my age in miles but now it is supposed to snow so that dampens the appeal of that idea quickly. I also am supposed to dust off my ATVs and winterize them. Felt like taking them for a spin but I have 2 and can only drive one at a time. Need a volunteer! Plus Kim is demanding that I put up our massive xmas tree and hang lights. Hmmm…which sounds the most fun in that group of ideas?