A Bear Thanksgiving

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All week I knew I needed to do something early Thanksgiving morning. Being the biggest race day of the year, a turkey trot was the obvious choice. But after looking at the Boulder course, I decided that was to curvy for me. I wanted a straight line 5k so I could PR big for Wave A. Not going to happen there. With that out of the way, I hit Jeff up for a Bear Peak run early in the morning before he headed into work.

We met up at 7 AM at the Cragmoor Trailhead. It was in the 20s when I left the house and maybe 30 at the trailhead. It felt cold so we both layered it up. Nearly 100 yards into the run I was already stripping off layers. I overdressed! I hadn’t been back to Bear since the summer. Ran it steady all the way until Fern Canyon set it and then it was all power hike from there. A few icy spots where I felt really vulnerable and took it really slow. We hit the saddle in 36 minutes and then stopped to put on the microspikes.

After being cautious through the previous section, it took my brain a minute to realize all the traction we had now. The rest of the trail was all snow and ice but the spikes just made it feel like another summer day. Probably easier because the trail is sort of leveled out from the packed snow on it. Winds whipped in from the NW along the ridge and the extra clothes came in handy. Another 20 minutes to the top for a 56:14. Probably only my 2nd time up this exact route so I don’t have a lot of data here.

Jeff on Bear

Spent a few minutes on the summit and shot a bit of video and then headed back down. I had hoped to bring along some turkey jerky or something to celebrate but my mind wasn’t that quick when getting out of the house this morning.

Jeff was literally flying down to the saddle. I wasn’t that comfortable. Last winter up here, I locked my Yaxtrax together and went head over heals. Not interested in that again. Took the spikes back off at the saddle and took it easy back down Fern. I was on my butt in a few spots sliding through the icy rocks. Again, no interest in a fall. Finally got running again on the Mesa but we quickly were back to the trucks. Supposed to be 60 out by mid-day. Felt really warm at the end of the run.

Drove by the 5k which started in another hour and saw people warming up. Tempting, but I am all raced out right now. Looked for the orange Element but did not see it. I think he is ducking me.

We went 4.76 miles with an elevation gain of 2,744 feet in 01:34:30, which is an average pace of 19:49. View my GPS data.