Longmont Turkey Trot 10k 2009

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Distance 10k
Time 40:00 (PR)
Pace 6:27
Rank 25 of 437 (Top 6%)
GPS Analysis Garmin Connect

Yesterday, the weather turned cold and ugly after a beautiful week. As evening fell, I could tell that the race turnout for the morning was going to possibly change. JP dropped. Simon went tentative. I was in no matter what. Give me 2 feet of snow and I can Hummer over and win that damn turkey.

Well, it didn’t happen. Woke up to dry weather but 34 degrees. A bit on the cold side but this was right in line with what I have been preparing for. I knew I was good at that temperature in a singlet, with gloves and Moebens. Going light!

I really didn’t have any goals for the day except run faster than before – PR. I knew that was in the bag as long as I raced given my fitness improvements over my last 10k from June which was 44:30. That one didn’t feel fast plus slow course. Brownie had me looking at BB10K cutoffs so it would be nice to get up a wave or 2 with a 43:05 (6:56) for AB wave or 41:05 (6:36) for AA wave. Sub-38 gets you A wave. Some other year. McMilllan says 41:33 (6:41) based on my Denver Marathon. Sounds like somewhere in that neighborhood.

I showed up and got my RunColo.com comp’d entry. Met up with Simon and we put down a quick mile out on Airport Road to warm up. Walked over to the start and caught up with Simon’s whole crew, stripped out of the warmer clothes, and lined up.

We got started promptly and shot up into the neighborhood for the first mile which is all residential. The pace was fast to start and my breathing wasn’t settled in at all. I wasn’t in my zone yet. Always takes a few miles but when you are only racing 6 miles, you don’t have a lot of time to make that transition. We got back out onto Airport Road and started to make the big square around the block. Basically a little over a mile+ on each side of it. Passed a few people here that had started too quick and then settled in with 3 guys. We stayed together until mile 3 when one guy dropped back. The other guy and I stayed together for the next 2 miles. He was right on my shoulder. I was elbowing him here and there. Felt like he was pushing me off the road. Finally, as we hit the small incline going into the small town of Hygiene, he stayed with me — which surprised me. I usually out “climb” anyone with me lately but then he promptly blew up as the road flattened out.

I found another gear as that next road has a downhill dip in it. As we came back up that hill, I had closed in on the guy in front of me but he had some kick left as we turned onto the homestretch so I didn’t give chase. Nobody behind me. My position was set in stone.

Up until this point, the only numbers I watched were my pace at the splits. I did an occasional mid-split pace check when I felt that I was slowing too much. But I really had no clue what I was running overall. I made the turn into the middle school parking lot where the finish is — you can’t see the clock until you nearly cross the line — and I looked at the clock and saw 39:56, 39:57 — that can’t be right! But it was. I was sub-40 or damn close. SHIT! If I would have known that back a mile ago, I would have made this the goal but now I just have to take what I can get. So I bolted through the finish line and rammed into everyone in my way. The timing is manual here (no chips) so you get what you get even though that might not be what you got. I suppose that could work in your favor but usually that isn’t the case. Sometime after that all wore off, I remembered to hit stop on the Garmin. I didn’t find out my official time of 40:00 even until I got back home and the results are posted. 39:59 would have been cool but 40 even has a ring to it! Welcome to Wave AA for the 2010 BB10K! Excited about that. AB jut didn’t sound so great.

After exiting the chute, I was so pissed that I let that get away. I knew I was running sub 6:30 pace for all the splits, but I never did the math to realize what that meant. I just ran what pace felt right and sustainable for 6 miles. While I ran hard, I didn’t run all out hard. I had more in the tank but I felt happy with those splits that I was afraid to do anymore and jeopardize the finish. But the reality is — there will be another race another day and I hope to be faster and this time will not stand. So a few seconds here or there. Big deal — big picture is what is important — I continue to push my race pace up the chain each cycle. 5k PR pace becomes 10k PR pace. 10k PR pace became 1/2 PR pace. 1/2 PR pace became marathon PR pace. That’s got to end at some point but it feels great at the moment.

End of the season? I guess officially – yes, today was. I usually start my next season on Jan 1. However, this Monday has a certain ring to it! And I still have Sanitas on my back.