Run: Steady 10M (10.02 mi @ 07:24)

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Great weather! Nice steady run. Started losing pace in the last mile. No hydration was the culprit. Hard to go from cool to warm and forget about water. Some days I feel fast at this pace and other days it seems slow. Mind games. Last year, I was on the couch post-Denver so the face that I am running and I want to run says it all for me.

Ran in my Lunarglides for the first real training run. Not too bad. Felt flat footed at first. It feels good to put on a more solid shoe once in a while after running in the Lunatrainers exclusively these days. Definitely a bit heavier but in a good way.

I ended up throwing out those Pearls that ripped my heel to pieces. Still healing. Better each day.

Tony AKA Mr. 50,000 Miles commented on my mini NB MT100 review yesterday. I was afraid of dissing his creation but it sounds like he has a similar issue. I need to get a longer trail run in these things. This weekend?

Lucho couldn’t take it and had to crush my Sanitas time. Adding insult…he used the bathroom and still beat my time from Wednesday. Team Shart will retaliate.

The Longmont Turkey Trot showdown is shaping up. First in the ring was Simon — coming off the big NYC performance. Now, JP is going to show too. However, he is going to handicap himself with a jog stroller. I think he will still take me. Damn it. Party after at my house? Any other takers? C’mon out.

I am addicted to foursquare — for this week. I want to win Denver for the week so I can get my virtual prize and confirm my nerdiness. My wife thinks this is retarded. That’s when I know its good.

No big weekend plans so thinking about a early AM trail run either day. Takers?

Hike in the AM with Kim and Kayla.

I went 10.02 miles with an elevation gain of 431 feet in 01:14:15, which is an average pace of 07:24. View my GPS data.