Run: St. Vrain Greenway (8.18 mi @ 07:43)

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Took Kim’s car in today for tire work so I had to wait. So I ran my old triangle pattern on the Greenway. It was supposed to be warmer today but I was cold by the end. With a mile left, my heel blister wasn’t happy and was bleeding. Red sock. Would have gone further but figured I should not aggravate it. Heal heel!

Yesterday, I opted not to run to let it dry up. Otherwise, I was ready to run. The kids didn’t relent and we had to take them to the Boo at the Zoo. It is odd being there after Halloween but given how the holiday fell this year, that was the deal. We went late and it wasn’t so busy – plus some football game was on where some local team lost. I was more excited to see these bears where they belong — behind bars!


However, the smaller crowd did not stop people from being assholes at the zoo. I mean — I get it. The place is packed and kids are screaming and parents get in a bad mood. Been there. But pull yourself together man! You are the adult here. The two highlights:

1) I am walking into the zoo on the sidewalk pushing Kayla in our regular single stroller. I have my phone in my hand because that is where it usually is no matter where I am. I got people and blogs and shit to keep on top of here. Not in anyone’s way. I am not driving a big truck holding up traffic. I am walking. Then some guy comes out of the zoo pushing a double stroller with 2 kids. No mom in sight. Might have been alone. Probably fried from pushing those kids around the zoo and dealing with traffic with his wide load. Anyway, he gets by me not 3 feet and says under his breath, “God damn, put the phone away and stop texting”. To which, I turn and say “What did you say?”. He turned and bravely repeated his comment to which I responded something to the effect of — it isn’t any of your fucking business what I am doing with my phone. He kept walking — and so I did too. I knew the zoo would be more fun than the back of a police car. So while I have mellowed over the years, I still am going to call you on it if you are being a dick. Upon later review, Kim tells me that he was mumbling out loud as she passed him (before I did) about all these people being in the way.

2) The usual deal when we leave the zoo is that I go and get the car and pick everybody up in the circle driveway. Why make them walk any further when they are already bonked? So I go get the car and drive up into the circle driveway. It has a curb and big poles to delineate the sidewalk from the street. Kids everywhere, so I am driving all slow and mellow (not my style). I pulled up right in front of a bench with my kids and notice a guy given me weird looks and talking to his wife(?). No matter. I get out, load up the kids, and stroller and we drive off. About 1/2 way home — I suppose when it was good and safe — Kim tells me that the guy was mouthing off when I drove up. “Look out kids, some BIG shot in his MERCEDES is about to run you over”, he says. Followed by more crap. Kim is sitting right there listening. This guys kids were not even close to my car. He was just saucy like guy #1 about being fried from the zoo. Too bad I didn’t get to hear it.

So dudes — if you can’t take the Boo at the Zoo, stay home and watch football on the couch. Or yell at your wife. But stop mouthing off in public to strangers. One of these days, somebody is going to fuck you up because it wasn’t a good day.

I went 8.18 miles with an elevation gain of 186 feet in 01:03:08, which is an average pace of 07:43. View my GPS data.