I Told You So

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Remember this rant from earlier this year? Well, my wife keeps fantasizing about vampire dudes. I swear she is going to start camping out for New Moon front row seats in about a week. So I am home alone tonight and what comes across my Google Reader: Kate Beckinsale is the Sexiest Woman Alive Thank you! That was my point … Read More

Run: Steady 20M / Golden Ponds (20.03 mi)

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Well, last long run of the season. Usually do them on Thursday but had to postpone till today with the wind. I also usually go in the AM but today required a 1PM start time. I did not eat breakfast or lunch beforehand. I ate late last night so I felt like I would be OK. But to be sure, … Read More

Run: Steady 12M (11.79 mi)

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Sat around all day waiting for the wind to die down. Never did. So at 6PM, I stopped being a pussie and l laced up. Put down the first half slow then moved to steady for the rest. Last 4-5 miles were in the pitch dark below marathon pace. Couldn’t see the road. Kicked my own ass tonight. Now I … Read More

September Training Summary

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275.81 miles in 32 outings in a time of 42:22:42 with an elevation gain of 34,699 feet at an average heart rate of 141. Last September was 202 miles. So 36% improvement. Happy with that. Was bummed that I didn’t top August’s totals but the reason was obvious — taper. Last year, I used to race every month. So there … Read More