Fiver Finger Death Punch @ Fillmore / Denver, CO

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Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) is a band Kim introduced me to a few years ago. Have you heard these guys? Get me their album. We have been fans ever since! I caught them on a side stage at last year’s Mayhem Festival in Indy. I got there mid-set and was in the back and didn’t really get into it because I was trying to find my nephew in the crowd. Another time.

So with a new album out last month, it was a great opportunity to see 5FDP perform in Denver tonight as a headliner! There were several other bands on the bill that I had mostly not heard of: Otep, Shadows Fall, and 2Cents. All part of KBPI’s Infest 2009 — an annual radio sponsored concert.

I skipped the beer line and went straight for the front to secure a position. Can’t be leaving for bio breaks during the show and lose my spot. Otep got the crowd really moving in one of the biggest pits I had ever seen. Up next was Shadows Fall. That dude has some long hair. I didn’t love their songs but their sound is good and heavy. Finally, I reached the platform by the end of their set. That’s the metal part of the floor connected to the rail at the front of the crowd. Time to wait. 5FDP wasn’t on stage till almost 10PM. That was late for the Fillmore. But the band came out and gave a great set of songs from both albums. Ivan, the singer, is a talker. In between every song, there was banter about various things from his daughter (who was there), to his mom (who was there), to the Broncos, to KBPI, to us being pussies, to us being the best crowd EVAR.

I opted for no photos and brought the Flip HD video camera again. Much easier to capture what is going on than trying to time the lights for photos. The sounds sucks — again. I don’t know what to do except get a different camera. But I don’t want beer spilled on a $1000 camera. So this has to do. I guess I need to reflect on my intent — not to capture the concert in its entirety — but to give a sense of what it was like there, on that night, with that band, up front. No devil worshiping (we do that on Sundays) — but heavy metal and lots of moshing. I had 60 minutes of video but cut down to about 30 minutes to get the highlights and a bit of each song they played. If you make it through, you will see probably the largest pit in Fillmore history. Enjoy!

This concert was in the middle of a snow storm. Schools were closed the day of and the day after this show. So I had to drive down in nasty conditions and come back home in even worse. But the show went on and it was nice and toasty inside as 5FDP brought the heat!

Great show, guys! Come back again soon. In the meantime, I will be taking back control with my knuckles.