Run: Slow 5M (5.10 mi @ 08:09)

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Kids got a snow day off school today.

I knew that lesser men would revert to the treadmill today. What shall I do?

Snow Day

I went and got my snow blower out of storage this AM and got the driveway cleaned off. Then it was time to suit up. Gore-Tex jacket. Gloves. Hat. Waterproof shoes. Hit the road!

Snow. Mud. Yuck. I was expecting more snow but it was all gone on the roads leaving a muddy mess. And I got totally sprayed by a school bus too. Turned my black tights all brown polka-dotted. I decide to catch the bus and flick the driver off for good measure. I think the kids enjoyed it. Cut it short once my shoes were soaked from melting snow. It was coming in from the top as I splashed through the puddles. I actually wish it had been colder. 30 degree temps are the worst. Nothing is frozen. Everything is wet.

Snow Day

Might have to figure out some serious gear for Saturday to keep warm and dry. Those trails will be slick and packed in after 2 days of snow.

BTW, I am experimenting — I was getting sick of my blog comment so I am trying out DISQUS. It is a cool comments service that let’s you control your commenting profile on many sites in one spot. Sign up. Give it a try. If “we” like, I will keep it. If not, I will revert. You can set the thing to use a custom avatar or your Facebook image. You can have it tweet out any comments you post automatically so people see what you are up to. It can post them to Facebook too. Lots of integration. Might be more fun.

Off to INFEST tonight — no rain, nor sleet, nor snow keeps FFDP from delivering!

I went 5.10 miles with an elevation gain of 222 feet in 00:41:34, which is an average pace of 08:09. View my GPS data.