Run: Steady 9M (9.10 mi @ 07:55)

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Colder morning but OK. Decided to get back over to my St. Vrain State Park loop. I like to check my loops from time to time to see if they are still intact and how the seasonal bathroom closures are coming along. St. Vrain was still open but it looks like some animal went in and chewed the TP off the roll. Strangest thing. No camera or you would have seen it here first.


Considering a taper later in the week for Saturday so I can put down a solid effort. But I shouldn’t be talking about that like this in public.


Nick gives me a shout out as he pulls off a 2:43 in Dublin. At least, he didn’t shart his pants.


Simon reveals his secret plot from the Scream Scram so he could get the win over Jack The Pumpkin King. Dude, you are officially on notice!

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I went 9.10 miles with an elevation gain of 331 feet in 01:12:07, which is an average pace of 07:55. View my GPS data.