Run: Steady 10M (10.03 mi)

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Best run in a while. Felt better than Denver to be honest. Great cool temps with strong legs. No gut issues. Wish all runs were like that one. Just started slow and probably moved into steady. Didn’t wear the HR monitor. Going to concentrate on pace for a few weeks to get back into those numbers for a while. I wonder if that was the last warm run of the season. Tomorrow looks cold.

My sister sent me this. Wicked. Still not sure if she is worthy of crew chief status for Leadville…

Even though you sharted yourself in Denver, I'll still cheer you on in Boston with a sign that says

We spent the rest of the day picking up around the house. Things still are not back to normal since Kim returned. Plus, she found out about this Twilight revision in rewritten in Edward’s voice and she can’t put it down. I thought we were done with the Twilight addiction! Guess I have to wait until she gets through it to get my wife back. Damn vampires.

I went 10.03 miles with an elevation gain of 401 feet in 01:16:09, which is an average pace of 07:35. View my GPS data.