Scream Scram 5k 2009

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Distance 5k
Time 21:59 (Unofficial)
Pace 6:59
GPS Analysis Garmin Connect

Just a few minutes after I finished Denver last week, I met up with Simon. He says, “You should come out and run Friday night with us at the Scream Scram”. A Halloween fun run 5k — sign me up! All week long I knew I would wear my costume but kept stressing about trying to beat my PR in it. Without costume, it would be easy. With costume that includes mask, it would be harder. I figured I would have to chuck the mask and finish without it. But that would ruin the look.

Fast forward to today — Reagan wasn’t feeling well so Kim stayed home with her. I picked Sydney up from school and was thinking about bailing on the race but Sydney jumped in the car and was stoked to go. Let’s do it!

Scream Scram 5k

We got down to Wash Park in the heart of Denver around 5:30. A late day race — don’t get to do those that often. We met up with Simon and Kelly and their kids. Sydney and Ava had to pose for me near the lake to show off their costumes. Ava was a mermaid (Ariel?) as I recall. She was cold for this picture and kept her coat on. Sydney was sporting her new cat costume after abandoning the pirate mask I had bought for her weeks ago.

Scream Scram 5k

They had a 100 meter kids race before the 5k. Sydney lined up and took off. She was at the finish before you know it. Of course, it was a short distance. They gave the kids a sack with goodies and a ribbon. She was excited but she quickly turned that into a frown because “the race was too short”. She wanted to run further. She said it should have been a mile. Ok, then! Need to find her a miler to compete in.

Scream Scram 5k

Tada! That’s Sydney and I pre-race. Ready to go! I was sweating in that mask already. I had a bunch of people take my picture. Look, its Jack! And they would come running over. While it was just a store-bought costume, it was cool to get some fanfare. Others had no clue who the character was.

Scream Scram 5k

If the mask wasn’t a big enough handicap, how about pushing a double-wide jog stroller with two 40+(?) pound kids in it! Stay out of my way! Running next to me was Simon pushing Dylan in a single jog stroller. 1/2 the load. Wuss!

We were off — slowly. We were at the back of the pack to be courteous but quickly made a break for it up the right side. Veering in and out of the cones. The course was packed with people. Took at least a 1/2 mile before we had some open road. At that point, the pace dropped and I settled in. At the first mile, I was getting woosie in that mask. Could not breath. And it was turning so my eye holes were not lined up. I about clipped some people with the jogger. So I pulled the mask up so I could see and trotted on. Simon and I were whipping past people left and right. It was pretty fun blowing by people working their asses off while I was pushing that freight train. Had to be a blow to the moral for some of them.

By mile 2, I was moving but it was draining pushing this thing. I just zoned out and got to mile 3. Then I could see the finish so I brought the mask back down on my face properly and finished in style. Lots of flashbulbs going off on cameras as Jack Skellington crossed the finish line. One news guy gave Simon his card saying he got a good finish photo of me. Hope to see it. Really wanted Kim there to take a quality running photo of the event with me in costume but it didn’t work out.


There was no chip timing. They just pealed your tag. I don’t think its going to be that accurate but my Garmin showed 21:59. My current PR for that distance is 21:07 set last April. So with the jogger and mask, I lost a mere :52 seconds. For what its worth, I think I would have blown out that old PR. Splits were:

1 – 7:54

2 – 6:38

3 – 6:23

4 – 1.02

Post race we caught up with Kelly, who got first place for the women! She is cleaning up these days. Great job, Kelly!

Then we found the race winner, Justin Mock. Apparently, his costume was a runner in need of a haircut? Here he is sporting his DAC singlet.

Scream Scram 5k

We went through the food lines and got some hot Mac-N-Cheese made fresh on the spot by Noodles and Company and then some pizza from Mici. Nice hot food as the weather turned to cold quickly. Justin and Kelly picked up their awards and then I got Sydney a picture with the race winner. I told her — this guy won the race! She was impressed. But then I later told her that this guy used to own 2 Subways — that was much cooler to her. Its her favorite fast food joint.

Scream Scram 5k

All in all, a great night to get out and run for fun but also push it a bit. Would have been fun to PR but these memories will be better for the long haul.