Run: Slow 6M (5.81 mi)

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Perfect weather today. Roads had dried up and the sun was out. I don’t enjoy that cool wind though. My clothing selection because literally 2x harder trying to figure out the shirt to wear. Long or short sleeve? Jacket? Oh, summer — why do you have to leave me. I headed out and kept a fast cadence. This seems to be my recovery mode — short fast steps. However, my pace was really fast for as slow as my effort was. There might be something to that. After a few miles, I was able to open the stride back up. Feels so good to be running again after the race.

I got out on my loop and realized I needed a pit stop. Damn it. I haven’t been right all week frankly. Since the race. Not sure if I did something prior or I am just messed up afterward. So I cut it short and headed home. Was really thinking of running twice this today but this was probably for the better. Race tomorrow plus it is recovery week — not month. I don’t have time for that. Feel like I need to run some fucking hills this weekend to prepare for next weekend’s event — that I just didn’t talk about.

Tonight was the big premiere of Race Across the Sky. I had posted the trailer of this month ago. I met up with JV for the show. If my man-crush is on Anton, then Jeff’s is on Lance. Jeff is a former bike racer who has competed against Lance — back in the day…pre-cancer. The showing was sold-out here — mostly because there are a lot of LT100 racers in the area that came to see the movie about themselves! When some random racer would be shown on screen, you would hear a small section of the theater start cheering. Yep, that guy was sitting over there with his family. So it was a silver screen debut for many.

Race Across the Sky

Jeff also “starred” in the movie. We saw him standing on the side of Pipeline outbound. Then once again on Pipeline inbound. I hope the fame doesn’t go to his head. Dude, you were just in a movie with Lance! Natalee was at the movie in Indy. Apparently, a few people at her show even in the Midwest. Brownie had to make tough fashion choices but he made it to the showing in the Springs — PBR in hand.

Race Across the Sky

Overall, it was a good show — if you are into biking, racing, or other endurance challenges. However, it felt like such a shame that the bike race took all the glory. There was only one mention of the run — by Lance — where he said “that is just crazy”. Leadville to me is synonymous with running — not biking. But to each, his own. Seeing people get their bracelets cut at 4 hours was terrible — but c’mon…its 4 hours! Imagine having it cut after 30 hours of running! It was fun to relieve the experience of racing in the Leadville community through the movie. All I could think was — let’s get it on! LT100 2010 — THE RUN — is just too far away. Surely, I can use the time to train but I am excited for the adventure, the pain, the suffering, the joy, and the buckle.

I went 5.81 miles with an elevation gain of 244 feet in 00:45:08, which is an average pace of 07:46. View my GPS data.