Run: Easy 1Hr (7.53 mi)

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While others were getting all giddy at the sight of snow, we had rain here just miles away. Drizzle. Yuck. Shit. I wanted to get back on my feet today. Fuck it. Sure, I could have stuck to pavement but what fun is that. So got out in the mud and cold to stretch out a bit and ease the recovery along. Upon my return, I wasn’t quite the same as when I left.


Those shoes have seen better days.


But hey, a package arrived with some bright shiny new Halloween-themed Lunarglides. I am starting to feel like I have to hide my shoe deliveries from my wife. How many shoes do you need? Lots! These again have space-age technology in them so Nick better stay out of my way.


But the real test will be this Friday night! I am racing in these bad boys — they match my costume. I registered for the Scream Scram 5k. I will be up against dating sensation Justin Mock and Mr. RunColo himself – Simon Escorcia. My plan is to tie Justin’s laces together pre-race while he is giving shout-outs to everybody he recognizes, while they wonder who that guy is. Simon is self-handicapping by running with my double jog stroller with his two kids in it. If that dude passes me (which is likely), I am going to be ashamed. Might have to leave my mask on and claim I could not see and run into a tree. Or I could rig it so the tire goes flat — but he would probably pull a Lance and push it in and beat me anyway. Then what?


Speaking of Lance — the big movie is tomorrow night. It is going to be a nail-biter! Not. JV is my date — but he is going to climb a few 14ers that afternoon just to get in the mood I guess.

Also got a comp’d reg from RunColo for the Longmont Turkey Trot in November. I skipped it last year but am stoked to return. Come run it with me!

I forgot to mention that you should check out George’s report on the Denver Marathon and seeing me to the finish.

I went 7.53 miles with an elevation gain of 516 feet in 01:03:56, which is an average pace of 08:29. View my GPS data.